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The DP Difference

How The Delta Planner is Different From Other Planners and PDAs

Weekly Sheets Opposed to Daily

By having daily sheets, other planners force you to re-write your to-do list every day. With the Delta Planner, you can hit the ground running! Time management experts agree that planner sheets should be weekly so that you can plan and manage your week at a glance. Also, daily sheets make your planner bulky.

Designed to Stay Open Throughout the Day

This is one of the most important features of the Delta Planner. It sits open on your desk like a laptop computer (it’s about the same size), continually reminding you instantly of what you’re trying to get done and your schedule for the week. Entering information is also quick and easy. You’ll find you can refer to your Delta Planner 10 – 20 times each day. PDA’s and other planners tend to be slow and therefore discourage you from using them.

More Space Available for Non-Appointment Type Items

Don’t like to search all over for a scrap of paper or Post-It where you’ve scribbled a telephone number or address? The Delta Planner provides much needed space for your to-do list, notes, a telephone log and more as opposed to taking up 85% of the page with an appointments section. You’ll know where to find this information every time!

Store Full-Size 8½” x 11″ Documents without Folding

Keep important memos, print-outs, and other paperwork neatly. For example, if you print out a Yahoo! Map for a meeting, you can immediately put it in the Delta Planner. When it’s time for the meeting, you don’t have to stop and think if you have everything you need…you can simply pick up the planner and go!

The Delta Planner is Customizable

The Delta Planner has clear vinyl sleeves for displaying spreadsheets and other papers. You can therefore customize it to fit your particular needs. It can also display valuable store coupons so that you’re reminded to use them. You can easily recoup the cost of the Delta Planner with these!