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The Delta Planner – Deluxe Edition


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This planner is unique in having no rings. Instead of rings it has 7 clear, heavy-duty sheet protectors and pockets for storing and displaying the weekly calendar sheets and miscellaneous paper. Refills for weekly sheets and monthly sheets are available for future years.

It can hold 40 or more sheets of 8½” x 11” paper in addition to the weekly sheets. In the planner, these papers are easy to locate and remain unfolded and in good condition.

Using the sheet protectors, you can customize the planner to display any type of information. You can also create additional space for notes with a blank sheet of paper which can be visible along with the current weekly sheet whenever the planner is open.

The sheet protectors can also be used to store coupons so that you’re reminded to use them before they expire. The savings from coupons alone can potentially reimburse you for the cost of the planner.

When fully loaded with paper, the planner is only ¾” thick and fits easily into a briefcase.

The planner consists of a rigid binder 10” x 12½” x ½”. It is a durable item which should last for years.


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