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From Dr Edward Hallowell

“These [people with ADHD] are the same kind people who dared to say the Earth was not at the center of the Solar System, or that the world was not flat, or that germs caused disease, or that the king has no clothes.  These are the people who can’t help but speak the truth–and often […]

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Thank you Dr. Maslow!

Many books on time management include a discussion of psychologist Abraham Maslow and of his theory of human motivation. I was only vaguely familiar his ideas until I read his book Toward a Psychology of Being with an interesting forward by Richard Lowry. Maslow wanted psychology to be more positive. He wanted psychology to focus […]

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What is time management?

In my opinion, the best and easiest way to improve your time management skills is by getting better organized. Being disorganized can cost you many hours of frustration looking for missing papers and other items. Once you get in the habit of using the Delta Planner, you should be able to locate telephone numbers, confirmation […]

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