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About Us

As a CPA in private practice, I deal with a lot of people – their telephone calls, appointments, due dates, and papers. In addition to this, as a sole practitioner, I have numerous chores to deal with and I have my personal activities like everyone else.

I am not by nature well-organized and without a system for tracking all these various details I could not function very well. At first, I used an early version of the planner. It was very helpful, and I found that organization became one of my strengths. I decided to offer it as a product for sale to others and developed two improved versions – the Bound and Deluxe.

A while ago I became aware of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or AD/HD). Over the past few years I have learned a bit about this condition. Ironically, it is prevalent among highly intelligent people. A list of them (www.kpinst.org/famous.html) includes many of the most prominent people in history!

My original career plan was to become a medical doctor but that never came to be . . . it’s a long story! I like to think that I have created something which can help people struggling with this serious affliction.

The Delta Planner is designed for anyone – with or without ADD.

~ Paul Alpert, Founder